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How to Get Easy High Case-Value Patients ON DEMAND & Keep Them!
WITHOUT Wasting Time or Money on Ineffective Marketing
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Here's Some ACTUAL Results From Our Clients
Larry C. - Clinic Director - FL
Chris S. - Owner - MI 
Dr. Omar H. - Owner / Provider - MA
245 Inbound Phone calls in one 30 day period
After one month of working with Beyond Marketing
Turn Your Business Into a Money-Making Machine...
314 New Patient Opportunities Over a 9 Month Period at $6.65 each
This client is averaging 10 new patients per month... that's a 30% close rate!
21 New Patient Opportunities in 9 days for under $4.00 each!
"We've never been this busy, it is May 11th and we've already signed 11 new patients. We're on track for one a day!" 
- Dr. Dave M., New Jersey
$11,000 in NEW patient revenue in just 2 weeks 
"We're booking a solid 2 weeks out - some people it's 3 or 4 weeks before they can even get their foot in the door" 
- Dr. Shawn V., Colorado
31 New Patient Inquiries In Month One
"We already had two people come in, we have 3 more this week -beyond satisfied with the services" 
- Dr. Jason V., New Jersey
"Month after month, Not only have we seen more patients, but we've had better quality coming in" 
- Dr. D - Tristate Area
We work one-on-one with you to develop a customized Patient Conversion Process that transforms your business into a machine
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